Upcoming product releases in September

Upcoming product releases in September

September will be a special month for Pokemon TCG collectors.

You don’t know why? Because in September new Japanese set will be released: Pokemon Sword and Shield Astonishing Volt Tackle, set that will feature Pikachu Gigantamax and few other Pikachu cards.
Also, in September we’re getting Pokemon Sword and Shield Champion’s Path first product release, and new V Tins featuring: Pikachu, Eevee, and Eternatus.

This will be a month full of great products with many amazing cards. And you can pre-order all of that with us.
Remember that Japanese Astonishing Volt Tackle will be released in Japan on 18 September 2020 and we will be able to ship it to you from the UK, around 22-24 September.
If you’re going to pre-order some Champion’s Path, please act quickly because we have limited stock available for pre-orders and these boxes sell very quickly.

Let’s take a look at specific products that will be getting release in September and you can pre-order them with us.


Pokemon TCG – English releases:

Pokemon TCG – Japanese releases:

This is a lot of Pokemon products in September. But prepare for each another month until end of this year, because Pokemon Company has more for all of you and we have more -pre-orders on the way and products that will be available in stock very soon.

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