About Us

Want to know more about Gajetto Shop?

Gajetto Shop is an independent store created by one person. But what this means “independent”? This means that Gajetto Shop isn’t a big store with a big warehouse and is more a hobby store. But I can guarantee you friendly help, good prices, and interesting products. You can find here a lot of single cards from Pokemon TCG Japan and English sets. You can find here old and new cards. But besides you can find other Anime merchandise like plushies, art books, stickers, figures and more. But the store is focused more on Pokemon TCG Japan and Pokemon TCG English, Pokemon merchandise and other Pokemon-related gadgets imported directly from Japan.


What advantages we have?

There three of them:

Worldwide Shipping

Available for everyone. You will get best price available at a checkout.

24X7 Customer Support

As an independent seller we can guarantee 24×7 support – you can get answer to your question at any time and always ASAP.

Always best products

You can be sure to find here best products not available in any other place.