Upcoming product releases in September
September will be a special month for Pokemon TCG collectors. You don’t know why? Because in September new Japanese set will be released: Pokemon Sword and Shield Astonishing Volt Tackle, set that will feature Pikachu Gigantamax and few other Pikachu cards. Also, in September we’re getting Pokemon Sword and Shield Champion’s Path first product release, […]
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New products in August
This is our second blog post and we’re going to bring you some of our new products.Each day we’re adding new products and with that trying to reach to as many of you who might be interested in Pokemon Cards, gadgets, Anime merchandise, and of course, products released only in Japan. In our stock available […]
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Gajetto Shop is Open!
Hello Otaku, Poke-collectors, and Japan lovers! This is Gajetto Shop, your new friendly store where you can find interesting Anime merchandise, Pokemon Cards, and Japanese gadgets. We’ve got for you a lot of products that you may find interesting. All of them are original products and have been imported from Japan. We have for sell […]
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